To Overcome
Congenital Tunnel Vision 2001

6-channel video installation
with found objects,
remote control mechanisms,
and salt

University Art Gallery
UC Irvine [thesis]

Actions performed in the 1.4 mile circular utility tunnel system beneath the university were documented in six mechanical video sculptures. Several characters  [The Viral Agent],  [The Beast of Memory],  [The Emergent Creature] recalled a matrix of underground experiences ranging from fantasies to social histories to science fiction. Their references multiply along the lines of resistance and marginality, including ideas about smuggling and trafficking, histories of forced or alienated labor, disappeared peoples, resistance movements, deviants, prisoners, survivors, and occult practitioners. The project reinstated the performances in the gallery within kinetic video-sculptures. Some were seen inside of holes opened in walls, others on materials like salt, rust, mechanical boxes and found objects. The installation took the form of an abstract medieval church...

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